Youssef Hanna - The Blog?


Ever since I graduated highschool in June of 2017, I've been extremely focused on building my personal brand - that is Youssef Hanna - building my online presence, and most importantly, creating more than ever before. I'm constantly working on expanding my network on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and now my own personal blog.

I mainly use this website as a portfolio to showcase my work, as well as expose a more professional yet personal side of myself. I plan on being as transparent and real as it gets with my work, be it personal or professional, by sharing my experience throughout my filmmaking journey.

My goal for starting this blog on my website is to have a place to share my experiences through text, as well as grow a community of supportive people who are interested in my creative process as well as growing and carving their own creative paths. I hope that through my blog people would be able to learn from my success, but more importantly, my failures. I want to help as many people as possible be creative, build their own path, and be happy with the life they are living.

I hope that you are as excited as I am for starting this journey of sharing experiences, ups and downs, and the process of living a creative, visual, and exciting life.

See you soon.

Youssef Hanna

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