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Youssef Hanna is a young emerging filmmaker and visual director based in Cairo, Egypt.

He began making films with his friends during his years in school. After his high school graduation, Youssef shifted his focus on his career as a film director.

Driven by passion, Youssef is constantly working towards telling captivating stories through the visual medium of film and all it's elements.

He has worked with numerous brands to create meaningful video content for them, and is responsible for some of their most engaged videos to date.

Youssef's videos have accumulated 1,000,000+ views across all social media platforms.

He aspires to inspire people of all ages through his films, hoping that his art will have an impact on someone's life.

Youssef works in all facets of production. From pre-to-post production.

Youssef is currently in the German University in Cairo (GUC) studying Business Management.


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